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Note: You will be charged a small fees of 0.50 NZD for validating your card. The validation fees will be refunded back in 2 - 3 working days

  1. LEADS: A valid enquiry (lead) is a lead that has a correct email address, phone number and name. Any lead where the phone number is correct and goes to another person who is not the intended recipient can be classified as invalid.
    A lead that had medical conditions that has been previously declined is invalid; any lead that had taken out cover within 24 months can be marked as invalid.

    A lead that does not answer their phone or is not interested in going any further is not deemed an invalid lead. Leads that have no intent or are not interested are valid leads. If you, the adviser, feels the lead has been unjustifiably charged or in some way is invalid, we will consider it on a case by case.

    Leads found that are classified as a valid lead and marked invalid by the adviser may result in the closure of the adviser's account.
  2. BILLING: All leads confirmed as valid will be deemed purchased and will be billed to your credit card after 72 hrs. A complete billing report is available in your portal, which will be emailed to you. Leads are provided at $74.75 (GST Included) per valid lead. We reserve the right to bill your card for unpaid leads. All leads that need to be paid manually by our administration will incur a $5 per lead charge. Leads cost may change; if so, we will give you seven days notice.

    Fly Me High Ltd can cancel this agreement without notice. The lead you receive is billed 72hrs 'after' it arrives. This enables you time to confirm that it is a valid lead. Once the 72 hrs has expired, we will automatically bill your credit card. No credits or disputes are accepted after 72 hrs.

  3. LEADS: You can pause your leads for up to 30 days at any given time. We only pause leads once a week; this is done every Sunday. We require 72 hrs notice to pause your leads or account.

  4. CANCEL ACCOUNT: If you wish to cancel your account, we require 72 hrs notice, or until all your leads are paid for in full (whichever come first) If you wish to pause your leads beyond 30 days without cancelling your account, we will charge $79 per month* All data extracts are charged at $99 if required. Will charge your card $250 set up once your first lead appears. Once 31 leads have been bought, we will refund your set-up fee of $250
    * we only hold paid accounts open if there is no waiting list for other advisers.

  5. OWNERSHIP: Leads are owned by the adviser, or the person/company that paid for the leads, should the adviser cancel their account, the adviser is given 30 days to remove their data; otherwise, it will be deleted or become the ownership of Fly Me High Limited. All IP is owned by Fly Me High Limited.

  6. WEBSITE & IP: You have a licence to occupy the following sites,, and and for 30 days from when your last lead was purchased. At the end of 30 days, your licence will expire. Fly Me High Limited manages, on your behalf, the content, information, logos, CRM and images. You approve the use of all content on these sites and automations.

  7. LIABILITY & ADVICE: Fly Me High Limited accepts no responsibility for advice given to the customer from your contact with the prospect. By joining up to these leads, you agree to all content on the website and is not limited to the use of your

  8. YOU UNDERTAKE: You agree to use your FSP number in the disclosure section of the website and agree to the use all logos and material displayed, and, or sent on your behalf. A full copy can be supplied on request.
    YOU AGREE: By entering your details and pressing SUBMIT and/or paying for a lead, you accept these terms and conditions and any updates that have been notified to you. These terms and conditions may be subject to change; if they do, we will notify you via email.

    Note: You will be charged a small fee of 0.50 NZD for validating your card. The validation fees will be refunded back in 2 - 3 working days.